The state government has lifted the general ban. From Wednesday, May 13, 2020, you can be trained again.

We must also comply with the regulations already known everywhere. Therefore we have to comply with them:

1. Whoever can wear an individual protection/face mask cover in the car and in the driving school, which lets him breathe freely as far as possible (e.g. silk scarf, tube scarf)

2. Consultations and registrations are made by telephone.

3. Send data for the registration by SMS: Mr/Mrs, surname/family name, first name, Birthdate, Birthplace and country/nationality, residential address with street, house number, postcode + town, existing driving license class, desired driving license class, official requirements (§31, etc.)

4. Tuesday and Thursday, the rooms are open from 6:30 PM until further relaxation is permitted

5. Only single entry possible, also 1 household is permitted (e.g. parents with child)

6. Those who are sick stay at home

7. For theory lessons we are only allowed to have 5 students in the room: a telephone inquiry is required for seat allocation.

8. Students of theory classes, enter individually and only shortly before 7:00 PM, apply the prescribed hygiene rules. However, your seats are assigned.

9. Practical driving lessons start without exception at the driving school because only 2 persons are allowed in the car.

To say it with the government: the disciplined application of the hygiene rules has meant that the feared pandemic has not yet occurred in Germany. So we expect further relaxation in the near future.

Stefan Pott